Melk Music Annual Maintenance Plan 

Protect your instrument and your investment! We recommend regular maintenance of your instrument. By maintaining your instrument, you are ensuring your instrument will stay in better working condition, last longer, and retain its value. Melk Music's annual maintenance plan allows musicians to play on a well kept and maintained instrument all year long and worry free! 

Plan Benefits Brass Plan Woodwind Plan  Orchestral String Plan 
 • Your instrument is always in TOP playing condition  • Annual ultrasonic cleaning  • Annual clean, oil, and adjust  • Annual checkover and cleaning
 • Emergency repair adjustments performed when needed  • Replacement felts and corks  • Key adjustments  • Bridge replacement
 • Receive a complete checkover once a year  • Pull stuck slide and mouthpiece  • Straighten bent key  • Tuning peg adjustments
 • Repairs from accidental damage   • Reachable dent removal  • Spot pad or cork replacement  • Sound post adjustments
 • 20% discount on broken or lost accessories  • Repair solder spot  • Replace broken springs  • Seam and minor crack repairs
 • 35% off any major damage repairs  • Case repairs  • Replacement tenon cork  • Fingerboard repairs
 • Save over 20% on maintenance cost over the course of a year!    • Reachable dent removal  • 30% off bow repair
     • Repair solder spot  • String replacement with basic strings included
     • Case repairs  
 * For pricing on a specific instrument warranty call our store! (414)427-1501