Educational Service Representatives



Brian Melk 

Brian has been a part of Melk Music for practically his whole life. He is an active bass player and has a Bachelors in Music from UW-Madison and a Masters in Music from Northwestern University. Brian has been on the road for Melk Music since December, 2014. He loves being able to interact and connect with the wonderful musicians and educators in the greater Milwaukee area. Getting kids involved and excited in music has always been a passion for Brian, and he enjoys being able to do this on a daily basis!


 Dylan Ovanin

"My name is Dylan Ovanin, and although I have loved music since I was a small child growing up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, my real passion started when I entered my high school music program. Like many people reading this, my high school band directors (Rob and Robin Engl) were an enormous positive influence on me. Besides creating a safe educational environment where I could be free to express myself, they also opened up a new world of opportunities in music that could only be reached through hard work and dedication.

I pursued a music education degree for two years while attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a school that is highly regarded in the state for their Music Ed program. It is there that through working with the professors, shadowing teacher, and observing classrooms that I learned about much of the work teachers do under the surface to be able to provide a high quality education for their students.

The skills I learned in my school music programs I use in everyday life, and today I try to pay it forward and make sure that every school program and teacher I work with has the tools they need to give their students the same opportunity that I am so grateful to have experienced. Working as an Educational Sales Representative for Melk Music allows me to do that. I also teach jazz and classical saxophone privately and perform around the Milwaukee/Chicago as often as I can."


 Jordan Cox

Jordan is one of the newest additions to the repair staff at Melk Music. Although from Baraboo, WI originally, Jordan began his Melk Music experience as a customer in 2010. Jordan continued his patronage through 2016 when he became a woodwind repair technician shortly after graduating from Luther College. In addition to repairing, Jordan also acts as a Melk Music school representative for Baraboo/Reedsburg area as well as assists with the Southwestern part of Wisconsin. Jordan is an active musician performing throughout the Midwest on multiple woodwind instruments.